9 лекций Ярошука

9 lectures by Yaroshuk

Step 1
Lecture 1. Fundamental theories of medical synergetics:
bifurcation theory of dynamic systems on ECTODERMAL plane,
dynamic chaos theory, autowave processes theory…
Lecture 2. Mathematical framework of medical synergetics: cellular automata, YIC active media…
Lecture 3. Universal instrument of medical synergetics: SQUED…
Step 2
Lecture 4. Nonlinear dynamics in physiological systems. Fractals in human body.
Lecture 5. Bifurcatons in dynamic systems of the body. Attractors and Repellers.
Lecture 6. Self-organization processes on human skin. Pilliary Dissipative structures.
Step 3
Lecture 7. Autowave processes in active media of human body systems.
Lecture 8. Dynamic chaos in human physiology. Control…
Lecture 9. Clinical practice of Dr. Synergetic. Cabinet of medical synergetics. Clinic of Synergetics.