Chaos in organism functioning tells about health.
Periodicity - Reverberator may presage a disease.

Chaotic nature of oscillations in active media of physiological systems is more optimal for their vital functions than periodic one. Firstly, systems that function in chaotic regimes, can re-arrange themselves faster and easier in case of change of environmental conditions, i.e. the so called adaptive control is more easily implemented in them. Secondly, “spreading” of oscillations strength along comparatively wide frequency band takes place in chaotic regime. It allows decrease essentially the possibility of undesirable pathogenetic resonance phenomena, connected with endogenous regime of Reverberator.

When an organism is young and healthy, physiological systems show the elements of chaotic behavior, i.e. irregularity and chaotic dynamics are the extremely important characteristics of health. Decrease in changeability and appearance of stable periodicity of Reverberator are often connected with many diseases.



Reverberator, its "exogenous branch" may be seen on human skin and you may take a PICTURE OF IT

Медичним страховикам!


Leukemia Neuroma Osteosarcoma Melanoma Glioma
Лейкемія Неврома Остеосаркома Меланома Гліома
TAKE INTO ACCOUNT! Reverberator is a high-frequency source of autowaves:
  • endogenous regime of reverberator causes a disease
  • only SQUED reverberator may annihilate reverberator

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Human skin and nervous system are of the same ECTODERMAL origin



Epilepsy Tourette's
Cerebral Paralysis
Scoliosis 3 st. Optic Nerve
Епілепсія Туретта синдром Дитячий Церебральний Параліч Сколіоз 3 ст. Атрофія зорового нерва
EXAMINE your children's skin, especially along the vertebral column
  • reverberator's "exogenous branch” may be seen on your skin
  • endogenous regime of reverberator causes a disease in a child

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Doctors from Synergetics Clinic - Yarochuk's scientific school - have been sucessfully treating diseases, caused by reverberators for over 10 years!

Establishment of chaotic nature of many processes of vital functions is highly useful, as it allows determination of etiology of many diseases and using the accumulated information from autowave processes theory, the dynamic chaos theory, synergetics for their simulation mathematical modeling.

Proceeding from this information and from the data of simulation mathematical modeling on artificial active media, Dr.synergetic may solve problems of peacemaker impact for Reverberator annihilation.

Mathematical aspects of
Reverberatorsin the three-dimensional
active media
in chemical active medium
in YIC active media
portraits of piliary dissipative systems on the ectodermal plane
strange attractors

The established fact that autowaves, which are spread in different active media (physical, chemical, biological, social … and artificial YIC active media), have common peculiarities, and one and thesame local sources of autowaves appear in that same media (and the mechanisms of appearance of that sources, their interrelation and multiplication are identical and do not depend on the nature of active medium), opens the unique opportunity to transfer the mechanisms, established at research of the autowaves (ALGORITHMIC APPROACH -Yaroshuk’s scientific school) in any active medium, on a wide class of media of another physical nature.


Doctors from Synergetics Clinic -    Yaroshuk's scientific school  - have been successfully treating

diseases, caused by reverberators for over 10 years!